"Nothing Special" - Interviews with Regular People - Part One

29 Nov 2018 - Anthony

Everyone has unique insight: you just have to ask the right questions. In this series, we probe into the lives of "average" people, along the way encountering the undeniable beauty of human life.

Part one sees a DOTA II player with a taste for history. Here he is:

Q: What do you doevery morning?

A: I brush my teeth (would recommend!), look over my schedule, and check social media.

Q: What is your life’s greatest accomplishment?

A: Being 82nd percentile in DOTA II

Q: What advice would you give?

A: You could be great at everything if you put 1000 hours into it.

Q: If you were to recommend one book, what would it be?

A: Titans of History by Simon Sebag Montefiore. It teaches you a lot about history, and you can see how the past affects future.

Q: Favorite movie?

A: The Harry Potter series, all of them.

Q: Favorite show?

A: Game of Thrones. It's entertaining (and educational) to watch backstabbing in politics.

Q: What’s your favorite pastime?

A: Enjoying time with friends. It shows you how other people think and act.

Q: Who is the person you most admire (historical or present)?

A: Otto von Bismarck. He single handedly eliminated the French!

Q: If you were President of the United States of America for one day, what would you do first?

A: First, I would go tell Putin he’s a flipping lunatic. Then I’d completely revamp the healthcare and school systems. All in a day’s work!

Stay tuned for part two of this series!