Pizza Rolls: Convenience or Laziness?

16 Sep 2018 - Anthony

The phrase “easy way out” often carries with it a negative connotation, a sense of disgust at the laziness that must have brought it about. It does so until it is displayed in a different light. For example, it is not so dishonorable to take the “easy way out” of a burning building in order to save an infant. Perhaps the emotional context of that example was a bit too strong, but it proves a point that isn’t clearly seen in a society where hard work is assumed to be the most meritorious asset in a person. Laziness is actually a practical tool in the intrinsic toolbox of the human character, and it is extremely effective if used correctly. This idea however, seems to be split in half by the ingredients of a controversial topic: pizza rolls.

Like any useful item, laziness is like a double-edged sword. It can bring abomination and suffering, as it does with slavery, or it can bring peace and wholesome well-being, as it does with the creation of modern technology. A box of pizza rolls represents both the positive and negative aspects of laziness. Though taste is subjective, pizza rolls are generally thought to taste palatable, though there are many healthier options that taste as good or even better. That is why this food is an efficient system for the easy and fast intake of calories. It can be prepared quickly in the microwave, offering an expedient way to quell hunger, but it also causes much detriment to the consumer’s health. Being a processed and frozen food, it contains copious amounts of sodium and preservatives. In the system of free enterprise, consumers are assumed to have a choice when it comes to unhealthy yet convenient foods like pizza rolls.

In practice, however, people buy and eat these foods out of apparent necessity, because they don’t have the time or money to consume anything else. This is essentially a form of laziness, because most buyers of pizza rolls could work harder to make time or money in order to eat better food, if they really put their minds to it.

Though what is so bad about this laziness? What is so bad about pizza rolls? Sure, they are unhealthy, but any food can be considered unhealthy in some aspect. Grains have carbs, meats have fats, and fruits and veggies have vitamins that are commonly overdosed. The negativity surrounding nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats points to evidence that it decreases longevity, but that measure is fundamentally subjective. There is no reason to survive if one does not truly live their life.

So go enjoy that box of pizza rolls from the freezer aisle, if you truly wish to. Food is an important part of life, and it doesn’t matter if it is imbued with ideas of laziness and unhealthiness, because those ideas are not necessarily negative. On the other hand, keep in mind that pizza rolls aren’t going to taste or feel comfortable after being eaten too frequently and consumed too heavily.

It really is fine to eat pizza rolls; they are tasty and convenient. If it feels good, then eat it!

This article is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by the makers of Pizza Rolls.