Why you shouldn't wear shoes inside

14 Nov 2018 - Anthony

First off: if you wear shoes indoors by necessity, this article does not apply to you whatsoever. If you are of the enlightened segment of the population that does not typically wear shoes inside the house, bask in the glory of your infinite wisdom and in the truth of this article. However, if you are of the type that wears shoes in the house out of pure choice, I have news for you: you’re making the wrong choice. Here’s why.

Dirty shoes 1. Dirt.

Obviously, when shoes are dragged around outside, then dragged around inside, some dirt will get tracked inside. This is much like when you take rats infested with the bubonic plague and bring them indoors, only worse. It’s time to get rid of the plague-infested rats: leave your shoes outside the house, and marvel at the cleanliness of your habitations. Wow, what a genius idea!

Still can’t help with those dirty dishes, though…

2. Health risks.

A novel and surprising revelation (definitely not mentioned in the first paragraph): shoes are dirty! But the dirt coming from shoes is not merely an aesthetic disaster: it also introduces immense numbers of bacteria into your home. In a University of Arizona study, it was determined that an average of 421,000 units of bacteria can be found on the outside of shoes, including E. Coli. A likely source of much of the bacteria? Fecal material.

Do you really want fecal material following you around everywhere, even in the safety of your own home?

Ditch the shoes, ditch the problem.

3. Tie your shoes.

Ummm… Here’s an idea, I guess: some say making your bed is conducive to increased self-discipline, because of the organization and motivation required. For someone to take off their shoes before entering their house requires work, perhaps even a tying of the shoes when they are put back on. Tying your shoes is kind of like making your bed, right?

I’m starting to think I should’ve stopped at reason two.

A footnote:

As evidenced by these two solid (and one shaky) reasons, perhaps you should consider taking off your shoes before entering the house, even switching them for a pair of indoor-only shoes.

Leave outside dirt. Leave outside 421,000 units of bacteria. Leave outside the tyranny of not taking off your shoes!

Do you take off your shoes before going inside? Do you not? Leave a comment below!